Wildcard Weekends: Electra (ECA) – The Community Driven Project With HUGE Potential

Electra ($ECA) is a “Proof-of-Stake” coin (50% annual return) that is completely driven by its community. Meaning that there are no CEOs, the community is in complete control. Also, there was never an ICO for the coin which provides a fully decentralized feel. The Electra team is comprised of people from all around the planet, working towards the whole goal of being extremely fast, secure, scalable and having little to no fee. The value of a purely community driven coin is endless and has an almost Bitcoin like feel to it, except its about 200x better. The team is planning on rolling out its whitepaper within this first quarter of 2018 along with their “Atomic Swap” feature. Atomic Swap means that you will be able to swap essentially any cryptocurrency for ECAs, saving you the time and energy of using a third party or exchange. Not only that but they also have plans to release their iOS/ANDROID wallet in Q2 of 2018.

Understanding why ECA killed Exchanges

In the world of cryptocurrency most of us have gotten used to very fast transactions. While this is good in itself, patience is easily lost when something out of the ordinary happens. The recent downtime for Coinsmarkets.com and early problems with the electraproject.org website is causing people to panic unnecessarily.