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Crypto Charting: 5 More Charts On The Outlook For Bitcoin Prices

Heavy shorting of bitcoin investment trusts and futures show there is still a significant element of pessimism in the market.

Premium vs. NAV for bitcoin investment trusts and Google search interest sentiment are moving away from contrarian bearish signals, but are not yet in contrarian bullish territory.

Seasonality analysis seems to show a tendency for price to trend down in the first half of the year and pickup around May/June.

Litecoin Price Prediction: 3 Big Surprises from Charlie Lee Sweep HODLers Off Their Feet

If you’re an LTC HODLer, today’s news update will send you to cloud nine with supreme ecstasy. We have not one, not two, but three jumbo-sized, action-packed news stories to celebrate today.

Litecoin’s transaction speed is about to get a nitrous oxide boost. This digital currency may soon be processing as many as a million transactions in a second.
Litecoin’s next upgrade with lower fees is coming down the pike as we speak.
And the earth-shattering news of the day; a decentralized crypto-cum-fiat currency investing application has just been launched on Litecoin. Pay attention to my choice of preposition. This is the first major use-case of Litecoin as a technology that makes it more than just digital currency.

Big demand for the new cryptocurrency funds: Crypto investor

Grayscale’s Michael Sonnenshein: Bitcoin doesn’t come without risks
5:51 PM ET Fri, 12 Jan 2018 | 02:42
Investing in cryptocurrencies is complicated. Four new trusts make it easier, says crypto investor Michael Sonnenshein.

“Digital currencies are not like stocks and bonds and all the other things that you buy,” Sonnenshein, managing director at Grayscale Investments, a digital currency investment firm, said Monday on CNBC’s “Fast Money.” “There’s certain technological prowess that people need to have in order to handle them, store them securely, et cetera.”

Recognizing that investors want exposure to digital currencies, Grayscale launched four new crypto funds: Bitcoin Cash Investment Trust, Ethereum Investment Trust, Litecoin Investment Trust and XRP Investment Trust.

The Mountain West Is Experiencing A Second Gold Rush. This Time They’re Mining Bitcoin.

In January, an unknown company working in the blockchain space purchased 67,000 acres at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in Nevada, right next to Tesla’s Gigafactory. At the end of February, a Utah-based company called Power Block Coin LLC announced a plan to invest $251 million over the next three years in Butte, Montana, to build a campus of mining data centers.

Wirex Launching Bitcoin Debit Cards in Europe

New crypto debit cards, with multiple currency accounts in GBP, EUR, USD, and BTC are offered by Wirex in Europe. The first plastic Visa cards were issued on Thursday, according to media reports. The new cards were made available for UK users on March 8. The service should be offered to customers in other EU countries by the end of the month.

Bitcoin’s Next Futures Expiration Is This Wednesday

Current contract expires on Wednesday

The Cboe currently has four monthly Bitcoin contracts available. The closest one expires this Wednesday, and just over the past week it traded between $8,380 at its low point to $11,710 at its high, a 28.4% range. One news item that created this volatility was the SEC announcing that cryptocurrency trading platforms needed to register with it.

Bitcoin’s price on the Cboe closed at $9,257 on Friday. Since there is no physical aspect to Bitcoin all of its contracts will need to be closed before 2:45 pm on Wednesday or settled if the investor does not buy or sell their position. While there are many factors that drive Bitcoin’s price there may be some added volatility this week , and especially on Wednesday as the contract expires.

The Real Value Of Cryptocurrencies? – Specificity

It’s easy to get lost in the charts when cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum are known to take wild intra-day swings, based on little more than a rumor. This high volatility is mostly due to an absence of underlying value in the market where faith and vacillating consensus determine the price of any single cryptocurrency.

However, enthusiastic traders have consistently jumped at the chance to chase profits, even if getting caught in a daily downturn of 30% is the potential cost. Speculation itself is precious, accordingly, which is why calls for the death of bitcoin are always matched by an equal number of those attempting to buy the dip.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex: We’re Compliant With SEC’s ICO Rules

S-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex says that it is compliant with federal regulations governing securities trading.

The exchange, which is headquartered in Seattle, issued a statement on Wednesday assuring its customers that its token review process is compliant with rules that prohibit companies from creating trading markets for unregistered securities.

Bittrex said:

“As a U.S.-based digital currency exchange, Bittrex is committed to incubating new blockchain technology projects and offering innovative, compliant digital tokens to our customers. Bittrex uses a robust digital token review process to ensure the tokens listed on the exchange are compliant with U.S. law and are not considered securities.”

The statement was a direct response to an announcement published by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — also released on Wednesday — that warned it is “potentially unlawful” for cryptocurrency exchanges to list initial coin offering (ICO) tokens, as the agency deems many of these ICOs to be unregistered securities offerings.