IBM and Salon Media harness blockchain to combat ad fraud

IBM and Salon Media have formed an partnership which will see the pair harness the cryptographic power of blockchain in order to crackdown fraud in the advertising industry.

Leveraging a product created by AdLedger, the ‘campaign reconciliation project’ seeks to iron out weak link intermediaries between advertisers, publishers and consumers in a bid to get a grip on growing problems like bot fraud and domain spoofing.

To achieve this the proof of concept will pay particular attention to campaign reconciliation by recording contractual conditions, publisher payments and contractual terms within one fixed and fully auditable system.

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Bitcoin in Brief Monday: A Panther’s Moonshot Bet – The Bitcoin News

Bitcoin in Brief today is slanted toward a crypto winter slowly thawing, as Pantera Capital bets on a moonshot price point. Also, the world’s most popular decentralized digital asset has been forked more than a plate of good pasta; there’s a growing list of countries who’re less likely to nab your crypto profits; Yahoo! smashes rumors; and a good-hearted wager between bitcoin core and bitcoin cash partisans exemplifies how ecosystem actors should treat one another.